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A weird thing happens to me sometimes. I work, I make money. Business is good, money is nice. I work in my garden. I read books. I play my guitar. But then, after a week or so, it all starts to feel stale and distant.

I have a great life. I like my work, my home, my hobbies and my family. But often, I get into this weird mental state. Like someone other than me is doing all those things and the real me is just sitting in a corner languishing. …

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Snooker and football culture are completely different. And if there are such completely different ways to compete as a global sports star, there certainly are different ways of doing business. What’s your style?

A while ago, I witnessed a great example of why I love snooker so much. John Higgins, four times world champion and number 7 on the world ranking list played a very thin red ball (meaning he used the white cue ball to just barely touch the red ball and then return to its original position). He was convinced he had missed it, which constutes a foul…

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We all want to be more productive. Get more done. Outperform others. Be the best version of ourselves we can be. But what if that’s all just bullshit?

Every other blog you read seems to be about being more effective or ‘Getting Things Done’… Piles of guru books, apps that block your social media so you can be more productive (which do not help if you have a guitar next to your desk — just saying)… I saw an ad once for an app that ‘defragments’ your calendar, automatically rescheduling all your meetings in a ‘more effective’ way.

Leaving other…

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As early as 1999, I foresaw mankind surfing the web on a wireless, keyboardless touch-screen device. So, if I’m such a genius, where’s the fame and fortune?

Before I crossed over to the Dark Side and started working in Marketing, I was a programmer (and some other stuff, but we’ll get to that in another piece). At one time, I was writing a library of user interface components for touch screens on industrial ovens. In our lab, we had two of those (extremely rare and expensive) touch screens for testing.

This was around 1999/2000. The time home WiFi was a…

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In March 2020, when I stumbled out of my bedroom after over 2 weeks of Killer Flu From Hell, most of my income was gone.

April of every year is Tax Season for me. In addition to paying VAT over the final quarter of the year before, I do my accounts for the entire preceding year and file my tax return, trusting my rough calculations were sort of in the right ballpark and my savings account labeled ‘Taxes’ covers the damage.

At the end of 2020, this account had a lot less money in it than in other years. So…

In the spring of 2003, I was sitting alone in a bar, in a town where I knew no one. Whether the bartender saw my loneliness, I do not know. He did, however, see that it had started pouring with rain outside. ‘Do you want an umbrella?’ He asked.

“It’s just stuff. You shouldn’t get attached to stuff.” That’s what people always tell you when something breaks or get lost. But you do, don’t you? We have personal relationships with fountain pens, frying pans and coffee tables. We get attached to our desks, our laptops, even to that one carpet…

Bouke Vlierhuis

Copywriter, marketer, blogger, poet & entrepeneur | Loves cats, guitars, food & blues music | Writes about marketing, tech, music and personal stuff.

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